Dear Friends

I am Dr. Adli Abouzeedan from Sweden. I am officially retired from May 2020, However, I am active as a freelance researcher in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, management, and strategy.

I have many interests including writing and painting. I have a great passion to philosophy and the intellectual questioning of things. Out of that wondering, I built the foundation for a new philosophy called the elaheenic philosophy. This philosophical framework was born out of a desire of mine to find some common grounds for humanity to get together and build a better world through spreading of true love and by seeking genuinely peace on this planet. The five core values of the elaheenic philosophy are: humanism, morality, purity, unity and truth. 

This platform of mine, my personal page, is meant to inform about the elaheenic philosophy and its core values. I use it also to present my other intellectual contributions. This includes a number of You Tube videos I recorded about the different subjects occupying humanity (under the title Universal Inspirations) or the scientific work of mine.

I will be posing the material in a systematic way. It will be including texts about the elaheenic philosophy and other information related to that, information about videos of general purpose I am posting on the You Tube and information about some of my science work.


Dear friends

I hope that by visiting this personal page of mine that you get the chance to know more about the elaheenic philosophy, me and my works.


Greetings with Love and Peace

Adli Abouzeedan

PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship

Gothenburg - Sweden

19 october 2021

The Elaheenic Philososphy and Network

In this section of the page you shall find information about the elaheenic philosophy and network

You find below the text of a short document about the elaheenic movement - to the left in english and to the right in arabic. 

The elaheenic netwrok has a number of You Tube channels


This channel is in English

The episodes have the code with general formula x-2019-EN

Example: first episode for 2019  is 1-2019-EN


This channel is in Arabic

The episodes have the code with general formular x-2019-AR

Example: first episode for 2019  is 1-2019-AR

Words of Wisdom

My Private You Tube Channel

I am recording in my free time lectures about diverse and general subjects under the main title Universal Inspirations, in three languages

The lectures in English are under Universal Inspirations.

The lecture have codes with the general formula L(lecture number/UI) , for example L(5/UI).

The lectures in Arabic  are under Universal Inspirations Arabic.

The lectures have codes with the general formula L(lecture number/UIA), for example L(5/UIA)

The lectures in Arabic are under Universal Inspirations Swedish.

The lectures have codes with the general formula L((lecture number/UIS), for example F(5/UIS)

Below are examples of each group of lectures

OBS! When you subscribe in any of them you can access all the videos in my private channel (Dr. Adli Abouzeedan)

Me as an academican and a researcher

In this section, I am posting my publications list.